Dr. Clara H. Song, MD., FAAP

15 October 2016
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· Appearance: Excellent.Clean, simple, easy to figure out, intuitively set up, great colors,excellent instruction set.
· Set-up: Very Good. Simple, easy to use, easy to clean, stable on any flat surface. Intensity dial may be easier to see if it was on top. Tubing may not need to be so long, and may be affecting suction power (As you know, per Poiseuille’s law, laminar flow is inversely proportional to length.) Canister may not need to be so big, which could decrease the overall size of the machine.
· Safety:Very Good/Excellent. Great that it is BPA-free. Nose piece is small enough to fit one average size infant nostril but not too small to go inside to cause mucosal damage/edema, buttons safely placed (on/off opposite side from intensity dial). Suction intensity enough to work without causing injury to skin.
· Efficacy/Tolerability:Very Good/Excellent. Effectively suctions mucus but works better with saline drops prior to each use.Works quickly (in seconds). Very tolerable- works well on my newborn baby without any crying or fussing at all.
· Range: Excellent for a wide range of ages. Nothing works better on my 19 month-old daughter’s nose, and it works just as well when she was a newborn!

— Dr. Clara H. Song, MD., FAAP
Oklahoma University Medical Center Neonatology