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We are looking for physicians to help us promote home nasal care.
Nasal care is effective for preventing illnesses in babies, and helping them recover quickly.
The risks of developing allergies among young children are increasing, and infant allergic rhinitis is very common nowadays. Some studies show that suctioning infants’ mucus thoroughly optimizes their breathing and provides relief for nasal congestion symptoms, alleviating cough and discomfort. Suctioning infants’ mucus can greatly reduce their risk of developing illnesses like middle ear infection, bronchitis, sinusitis and others, and it helps promote early healing in infants suffering from influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection.
Introducing Japan’s #1 doctor recommended baby medical device.
ENT doctors in Japan use the dedicated nasal aspirator to suction mucus when children are suffering from a cold. Although they do, of course, prescribe medication, they also view suctioning mucus as a thoroughly effective technique for early healing. Doctors in Japan encourage parents to use the nasal aspirator at home, helping overwhelmed mothers look after their children, and improving the quality of life of families as a whole.
Power-Operated Nasal Aspirator BabySmile S-502The “BabySmile S-502” is a medical device approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Today, the use of a power-operated nasal aspirator in the home is very popular in Japan, and the “BabySmile S-502” is the pioneer of this emerging technology. The “BabySmile S-502” has been ranked as the #2 best-selling product in the “Nasal Aspirator” category on, second only to the traditional nasal aspirator powered by manual mouth-suctioning.. The “S-502” won a “Kids Design Award” in 2015 for its impressive sales record and social impact. Since it is power-operated, mucus can be suctioned thoroughly, even at home. The baby-friendly silicone tip, which touches the baby’s nostril, is very soft and BPA free. The suction power cam be adjusted to three levels, and the parts can be washed easily with water after use. The “BabySmile S-502” is mom-friendly, and is a major time-saver for busy moms. The medical journal “Pediatric Nursing” contains an article about the benefits of nasal aspiration.