How Brain Games Benefit Babies


baby’s brain doubles in size during its first year. The brain is the most complex organ within the body and it’s important that it’s kept stimulated to ensure high quality cognitive and mental functioning throughout life. It’s often easy for a parent to identify the common symptoms of a cold in their baby, but it’s not quite so easy to see how the brain is developing. Brain games are a brilliant way of enhancing cognitive functioning and can be a fun way of growing your baby’s skills.

For the young and old

It’s not just young babies who can benefit from brain games. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to keep their brains active as this strengthens the memory. Brain games for the elderly are a great way for them to exercise the brain, something which is recommended on a daily basis. There are a variety of brain games that will help an elderly person maintain their cognitive function. Memory games such as crosswords are an ideal challenge to test the brain and more fun tasks such as learning to dance or cook all give a good brain workout.

Brain games for babies

You can boost your baby’s brain development by interacting with them as much as possible. Speech is a great way for babies to learn as they watch and take in mouth movements and attempt to mimic the sounds made. Babies frequently point to objects they find fun and interesting. By being enthusiastic when they show this excitement, you’re reinforcing that what they think is a great thing is just that.

Toys for babies come in many shapes and forms and can include lights, shapes and music. Ensure that your baby’s toys are age appropriate as this allows them to benefit from all the toy has to offer and develop their brain and skills required for their age.

Reading is also a great brain booster for anyone of any age. Reading boosts brain power and provides the reader with new words, stories and scenarios which encourage the brain to think and interpret things in a different way.

There are many brain games you can use to help educate and develop your baby’s brain. Day to day tasks and scenarios give parents so many options to push their babies to learn and be excited by new things. Whilst fun toys and games provide benefits targeted especially for children of a specific age to gain new knowledge in an exciting and thrilling way.