The Secret To A Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Journey


Pregnancy should be celebrated more. You get to give life to another being and start or expand your family. Add that to glowing skin and full breasts. Yes, some people find pregnancy stressful, tiresome and uncomfortable. Gaining body weight, exhaustion, morning sickness, a bulging stomach, swollen feet and frequent doctor visits all come with the territory. Nevertheless pregnancy can be a smooth and enjoyable stage of life. The secret lies in coming up with a good muscle building strategy. There are numerous benefits of exercising while pregnant. A positive attitude, an excellent workout routine, staying relaxed and eating right go a long way in ensuring you rock that maternity glow.

Simple Methods To Muscle Build While Pregnant

Building muscles when pregnant has significant benefits. It helps reduce discomfort resulting back aches and swelling. It guarantees a shorter labour period and easier delivery. It minimises the chances of needing a c-section or a forceps delivery. Furthermore, it strengthens and energises your body and helps you balance. Muscle building makes it easier to lose post baby fat. If you thought muscle building while pregnant would be an expensive venture, think again.  The methods listed below are affordable, easy to follow and effective. However, it is important to note muscle building does not mean 3 hours at the gym daily. Pregnancy is a time to be extremely cautious. Over indulgence in anything is advised against.

A Healthy Diet

To build on muscles you should take in calories, not any calorie but calories derived from natural vegetables, fruits and healthy animal products like fish ,poultry and dairy product. These products help the mother and the expected baby in that they give the mother energy and supply nutrients to the  growing infant. Taking fluids like naturally blended fruit juices,clean mineral water  and porridge  is highly recommended . Fluids promote good blood circulation, prevent dehydration and ease digestion.


You don’t have to go to the gym to build your muscles, your backyard works too. Some recommended activities include walking around, participating in  prenatal yoga sessions, cycling on a stationary bike, jogging and doing light exercises. There are hundreds of  pregnancy fitness blogs that can act as guides. Google play store and App Store are also full of fitness applications for pregnant women. Beware of exercises such as rope skipping or bag or sack jumping as they could lead to vaginal bleeding,preterm labour, miscarriages or even ligamentous injuries.  Exercising when pregnant requires a lot of caution.


Swimming is  among the safest method to keep fit while pregnant. It enables muscle relaxation especially the backstroke routine, which works out the hands, legs and  thighs. Swimming is a good activity to engage in while pregnant.


Dancing has always been one of the most fun ways of  muscle building. It is so enjoyable, you barely notice the effort and the sweat. It is also great in uplifting dampened moods and relieving stress.

Among the  muscle building activities to avoid while pregnant are rope skipping, horseback riding, lifting extremely heavy masses, holding your breath for too long and exercises that interfere with your abdominal lining. Refrain from too much bending and kneeling. There’s also a group of people who shouldn’t exercise when expectant. Asthmatic and diabetic mothers make up majority of this group.