Why Nasal Care?

Why do babies need nasal aspiration?

Early recovery from cold, RS virus, and middle ear infection.
Prevents bacteria and mucus from entering the middle ear.
Presense of excess nasal mucus can cause middle ear infection.
Lower risk of viral and bacterial invasion into the body by nasal breathing.
Able to breathe gently and sleep deeply for babies and to get more sleep time for mothers as well.
Easier to drink milk and able to drink more.
Improves smell, which is vital for memory and brain development.
Lower physical strain for mothers attending hospital.
Lower mental strain for mothers because of less time of grizzling by babies.

Are there any benefits for moms?

Lower physical strain for mother attending hospital
Able to get sleep time for mother because baby can sleep deeply
Lower mental strain for mother because of less time of worrying
about baby
Potentially lower medical expenses through preventive nasal care

Why does a nasal aspirator need strong suction power?

“Tough nasal mucus tends to stick around”
In cases where sinus inflammation is present, sticky nasal mucus tends to flow toward the throat from a deep part of the nasal cavity. This is called a postnasal drip.
When a postnasal drip occurs, nasal mucus remains in the deep part of the nasal cavity near the throat and in most cases, can’t be resolved by simply blowing the nose.
“Mucosa lives and grows in the nasal cavity.”
When mucus is caught behind a bend in the nasal passage, a strong suction power is required to remove it.