Baby Motion Sensor

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Protect your infant from SIDS and lay the foundation 
for long term health with the new Baby Motion Sensor from BabySmile. Safe Dreams are Sweet Dreams.

What is S.I.D.S?

In the United States, about 2,300 apparently healthy babies pass away suddenly and without explanation each year. This phenomenon, known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS, can understandably cause parents a great deal of stress. While the cause is still unknown, steps such as breastfeeding, using a prone sleeping position, and maintaining a smoke-free environment can mitigate the risk for your child.

The BabySmile Baby Motion Sensor monitors your baby’s movements 24/7, alerting you immediately 
to any sudden changes that may require care.


The Baby Motion Sensor

Why use the BabySmile Baby Motion Sensor?

Our team has combined smart engineering with thoughtful design to create
a sensor that makes fighting SIDS as simple and accessible as possible.

Precision Monitoring

Hospital-caliber sensor detects
your baby’s movements during sleep and triggers an alarm after 20 seconds of inactivity.


Simply attach the monitor to your baby’s diaper, turn it on, and when the light flashes green, you’re good to go to sleep.

Portable Convenience

Cordless design allows for easy use whether you are at home or on the go.

Detects your baby’s health anomalies

No more stressful nights constantly checking your baby’s breathing as it sleeps in its cradle.

The BabySmile Baby Motion Sensor monitors your baby’s movements so that you can sleep peacefully, knowing it will alert you if anything needs your attention.



About Us

At BabySmile we believe that a healthy, happy life starts with a healthy, happy baby. We work with innovative technologists and passionate medical professionals to design cutting edge, reliable, and affordable devices that make it easy for parents to keep their children safe and healthy.

“All children are precious. They are symbols of promise and of the future. 
Every child deserves the fullest life possible, especially those that suffer from illness and disease. Using my technical expertise and first-hand knowledge from being the father of a sick child, it is my goal to create products that reduce stressful medical experiences in children’s lives.”

– Kiyotaka Yamafuji, Founder, Baby Health Care, Inc.


The Baby Motion Sensor’s battery life is approximately 2,200 hours,
OR about 6 months of use for 12 hours a day.

When the alarm goes off it will sound a loud beeping noise after
20 seconds of inactivity or movement of your baby.

The baby motion sensor is approximately 52.2 in x 1.88 in x1 in
and weighs around 25g without batteries.

We recommend using the baby motion sensor from newborn
(0 months) to 12 months.

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