Baby Maternity Award

We are pleased to announce that our electric nasal aspirator MerciPot S-504 has won awards in the following two categories in the nationally recognized parenting magazine “Baby Maternity Magazine”:

・Infant Nasal Care: Nasal Aspirator Category: Winner of the 2023 Top Choice Award

・Infant Health Care Category: Winner of the Product of the Year Award 2023

These awards are decided based on ratings and feedback from over 50 professional evaluators, including mothers, expectant mothers, and educators. Each year, only one product in each category gets the chance to win the ‘Top Choice of the Year Award’ or ‘Product of the Year Award’. Therefore, it is an outstanding and extremely rare achievement for the MerciPot S-504 to secure both awards in the same year.

We will continue to strive to provide all mothers with the highest-quality products and services. Thank you for your continued support and trust!