BabySmile Portable Nasal Aspirator S-303

Equipped with features that make this product perfect for traveling, the BabySmile S-303’s sophisticated and award-winning design is perfect for parents on the go. It is also conveniently simple to clean as all the parts are removable and washable.


The BabySmile portable electric nasal aspirator can quickly and effectively remove mucus from your baby’s nose without causing any harm. The stable electric suction can quickly suck up the mucus. The lightweight body has a one-button operation, so that when moms are carrying their babies in one arm can easily operate it with one hand. Moms no longer need to use their mouths to suck out the mucus, nor worry about inhaling bacteria-filled mucus.


In order to meet the needs of parents and ensure ease of use, this product is designed to be washable, making cleaning convenient. It is thus easy to maintain cleanliness at all times.

Convenient to Carry

It comes with a cover and can be put in a bag for easily carrying around. Moms can use it conveniently anywhere.

Affordable Price
As a pioneer in nasal aspirators, we have achieved the goal of reducing costs through years of research. In order to allow more moms around the world to use nasal aspirators, BabySmile sells this product at a lower price than the market.

Product Instruction:
‧Turn on the power.
(Lightly press the power switch until the click sound.)
‧Gently place the silicone nozzle against the nostril for 3-5 seconds to suction out the mucus.
‧After use, press the switch lightly to turn off the power. Follow the “Cleaning Method” to clean the aspirator and let it dry naturally.
(After drying, cover with the outer cover and store properly.)

Cleaning method

  1. Clean the accessories.
    Remove the outer cover, suction cover, silicone nozzle, and O-ring from the body.
    Wash the outer cover, suction cover, suction nozzle, silicone nozzle, and O-ring with running water.
  2. Clean the main body.
    Fill a container with water and submerge the suction and exhaust ports at the front of the machine in the water. Turn on the switch.
    After 5-10 seconds, turn off the switch and remove the aspirator from the water.
    Clean the exterior of the main body with water and neutral detergent.
  3. Allow the main body and accessories to dry naturally.