BabySmile Testimonials

What people are saying about BabySmile S-502


“I love the BabySmile S-502. My 2-year-old ALWAYS put up a fight when trying to clear his nose of mucus. Well, this makes the job easier with less of a fight and it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. My 5-month-old even lets me clear his nose without any more tears. I would recommend this to parents that have children that need mucus cleared from their noses.”

Mother of 2-year-old

“I used this product on my 23-month-old daughter who was struggling with mucus (stuffy and runny nose) due to a cold. The device was easy to put together and super simple to use on my daughter. My daughter wasn’t afraid of the noise/hum of the machine and she liked sitting on my lap while I simply put the tip up to her nostrils. I was amazed at the amount of mucus it sucked so quickly. I never would have been able to get that much out using a hand-held aspirator. It was so incredibly simple and effective; my daughter received immediate relief after each use. It helped her feel better and I loved that she really did smile afterward, hence the name of the product. The machine is easy to take apart and clean too. You can also control the suction level, which is nice. Using a hand-held aspirator is just not effective for us because my daughter always tries to squirm away, cries, and screams, making it difficult for everyone. At first I felt nervous to use it, but after using it for the first time and seeing the results, I was very pleased. My daughter doesn’t run away from the machine when she sees it and she is always happy afterwards. The BabySmile was easy to use, super fast, and before you know it, your little one is feeling relief. I really love it and wish we had it for my other kids when they were growing up.”
Mother of 23-month-old

“I have used this product on both of my sons who are 1 and 5 years old. I used to use a mouth suction type of aspirator on my oldest son and briefly used one on my 1-year-old until I realized my boys were getting sick more often. I decided to look for something with more suctioning power and found the BabySmile S-502. Now, my five-year-old turns on the BabySmile device and uses it on himself instead of blowing his nose. The device does such a great job at completely clearing out mucus, which has helped my fussy 1-year-old and his weak bronchi significantly. I even tried this machine on myself when I caught a cold from my boys and felt so refreshed afterwards. This was a great purchase.”
Mother of 1-year-old and 5-year-old

“I purchased this device when my 1-year-old son suffered through a long-lasting cold that was a painful experience for the both of us. Now I can say I wish I would’ve bought this sooner! Before, I was using a mouth suction type of aspirator that didn’t suction very well and sometimes even brought on a second infection. The BabySmile aspirator is much more quiet than I had expected, which makes it a bit less scary for my son. Although my son does cry when I’m clearing his nose, the machine works so effectively that he’s happy once I’m done.”
Mother of 1-year-old

“I would recommend the BabySmile Nasal Aspirator to anyone with a child who is not able to blow their own nose. I have used it on a 2-month-old and a 15-month-old and it worked fantastically. My 2-month-old didn’t want to stay still for it, but he did long enough for it to suck the mucus out. My 15-month-old thought it was funny and wanted me to do it more. You will need to set the device on a table or stable area and sit in a chair with your child. The hose is 40 inches long, so it gives you plenty of room to work with your child. There are three different levels of suction, I used level two. It worked fast, so my child didn’t have time to fuss. I’m excited about this product, it will save my children’s red runny noses!”

Mother of 2-month-old and 15-month-old

“The BabySmile has been a great help this winter for my kids. My kids bring home colds all the time, so I deal with a lot of stuffy noses. The BabySmile has provided quick relief from mucus for all of my kids, unlike manual aspirators I’ve used.”
Mother of 14-month-old

“I bought this device when my daughter was 10 months old to prevent her from getting another middle ear infection. I was reluctant at first, but this product proved to be a good purchase because my daughter hasn’t had a middle ear infection since. Cleaning and operating this machine gets easier with each use and the machine’s compact size is so convenient. This machine works quickly once you position the aspirator’s tip correctly, but you must remain aware of your surroundings when doing this because babies tend to move around a lot and could kick the machine. Though my now one-year-old daughter isn’t very fond of the machine, I use it on her often and she always looks so refreshed afterwards.”
Mother of 1-year-old

“I have a 10-month-old daughter who has trouble sleeping at night because of her stuffy nose. I tried using a mouth suction aspirator and the BabySmile Portable, but the suction wasn’t powerful enough for her sticky mucus. The BabySmile S-502 worked perfectly for my daughter and made her feel very refreshed and happy. Now, I use the device on her after a bath, which helps her sleep until the next morning. It’s also easy to wash!”
Mother of 10-month-old

“My youngest child was prone to getting middle ear infections frequently, which resulted in numerous hospital visits beginning when he was only 3 months old. When I bought the BabySmile S-502, I was surprised at how easy it was to use and how simple the device’s set up was. I think the machine’s strong suction power prevents mucus from sticking to the suction tube and canister, making it easy to clean. My 2-year-old son enjoys the process now since he doesn’t need to be held at the time of suction. My youngest on the other hand, still needs to be held so he tends to cry and move around a lot. I like that I can leave the device (without the plug-in parts) on the table without worrying about it posing any dangers. The device was a bit expensive, but I am so glad I bought it!”
Mother of 2-year-old and 1 year-old


If you can aspirate the mucus, you are able to help treat one of the most common problems that children have, which is chronic nasal congestion.
The mucus that sits in the nose is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. As a result, children will often develop ear
infections and sinus infections. As a matter of fact, almost 80% of all children in the US will experience one ear infection by three years of age.
If we remove nasal mucus with BabySmile Nasal Aspirator, which is a natural way to do it, we can potentially prevent some of
these common childhood upper respiratory infections. As a result, we will hopefully avoid these illnesses and have healthy and happy babies and, of course, happy parents.

— Dr. William E. Berger, William E. Berger, M.D., M.B.A. Author of “Allergies and Asthma for Dummies”

“I personally recommend it for my little patients. Parents are very happy with it, easy to use and very effective.
In my observation, I am seeing much less ear infections, if parents are starting to use it from the beginning of respiratory symptoms.
Kids usually are not able to blow their noses well, this suction device is amazing! Some older kids are even requesting the suction!”

— Marina Burstein, M.D., FAAP

“As a Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist, I recommend the BabySmile Nasal Aspirator. When a small child has copious nasal secretions (from allergy or even illness), the aspirator works quickly and effectively. It is easy to use and clean. Outside of the clinic, I have used it with my own children too! This is truly a great product!”

— Cindy Salm Bauer, MD, Pediatric Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

“I have used the nasal aspirator on my son with great success. He was on his way to ear tubes and has not had any further ear infections since I’ve used the aspirator.
I’ve actually recommended your product to many of my patients and know for certain one of them has purchased one.”

— Local Southern California Pediatrician

“As a doctor and also a mother of two children, I strongly recommend home nasal aspiration, since I know the value of doing it to my own children. It’s my sincere hope that the wonders of home nasal care will be introduced to American parents, and will help support the health of babies and mothers in the US.”

— Dr. Saki Mitsuka, Otolaryngologist, Yomiuri Clinic, Author of“ENT Clinical Frontier” and “Pediatric Emergency Manual”

“· Appearance: Excellent.Clean, simple, easy to figure out, intuitively set up, great colors,excellent instruction set.
· Set-up: Very Good. Simple, easy to use, easy to clean, stable on any flat surface. Intensity dial may be easier to see if it was on top. Tubing may not need to be so long, and may be affecting suction power (As you know, per Poiseuille’s law, laminar flow is inversely proportional to length.) Canister may not need to be so big, which could decrease the overall size of the machine.
· Safety:Very Good/Excellent. Great that it is BPA-free. Nose piece is small enough to fit one average size infant nostril but not too small to go inside to cause mucosal damage/edema, buttons safely placed (on/off opposite side from intensity dial). Suction intensity enough to work without causing injury to skin.
· Efficacy/Tolerability:Very Good/Excellent. Effectively suctions mucus but works better with saline drops prior to each use.Works quickly (in seconds). Very tolerable- works well on my newborn baby without any crying or fussing at all.
· Range: Excellent for a wide range of ages. Nothing works better on my 19 month-old daughter’s nose, and it works just as well when she was a newborn!”

— Dr. Clara H. Song, MD., FAAP
Oklahoma University Medical Center Neonatology

“I love the product and would recommend it to all parents, especially for parents who work in health care.
It does wonders on a baby who has nasal congestion and you are worried about it triggering asthma flare ups or ear infections.”

— Kristen Altdoerffer, DNP, CRNP, CPNP-PC
Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Undergraduate Nursing

“I have used the product on my toddler son and I am quite impressed with it. Even after he knows how to blow his nose, he likes to use it himself, since he knows it makes him feel better. I wish I knew about the product earlier when he was an infant, so we could have gotten the benefit since then.”

— Allergist, Orange County, California