BabySmile Nasal Aspirator S-504

BabySmile S-504 is a new and innovative nasal aspirator to instantly clear your baby’s stuffy nose.
With its hospital grade suction power, you can quickly remove all kinds of mucus.
Just press the “ON” button to clear your baby’s stuffy nose!

*Thank you for your order, but the sales of S-504 and all related parts has been sold well than we expected since end of last year.
Therefore we don’t have them in stock now and those will be in stock by middle of February. We are sorry to cause you inconvenience.

Powerful suction

BabySmile is a hospital grade nasal aspirator with an excellent suction power. You can clear out the mucus deep inside to quicken recovery from cold, RS virus, and middle ear infection.

PEasy Operation

No more fighting with the mouth suction or bulb syringe nasal aspirators! Just turn the power on and insert the silicone tip into the baby’s nose. Anyone can quickly and easily clear all type of mucus. *For mucus stuck deep inside, you can vigorously suction by using the BabySmile clip.

Easy to clean

It is easy to clean as there are not many parts to wash. All parts are removable and washable.

Compact size

It is smaller than a plastic bottle but still has a powerful suction power. It can be easily carried out with one hand.

Reliable quality

As a pioneer of the home-use nasal aspirator, Baby Health Care, Inc. offers products of the highest quality and reliability to nurture your baby’s health and happiness.

Soft Silicone

The nozzle that is inserted to your baby’s nostril is made of soft silicone so that it will not damage your baby’s delicate nostril.

BPA free

BPA free materials are used for your babies’ health.
*Except for the AC adaptor

High product quality

We inspect BabySmile with human eyes to provide the highest quality products.

What are Moms saying?

From Moms

“I love the BabySmile S-504. My 2-year-old ALWAYS put up a fight when trying to clear his nose of mucus. Well, this makes the job easier with less of a fight and it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. My 5-month-old even lets me clear his nose without any more tears. I would recommend this to parents that have children that need mucus cleared from their noses.”
Mother of 2-year-old

“I would recommend the BabySmile Nasal Aspirator to anyone with a child who is not able to blow their own nose. I have used it on a 2-month-old and a 15-month-old and it worked fantastically. My 2-month-old didn’t want to stay still for it, but he did long enough for it to suck the mucus out. My 15-month-old thought it was funny and wanted me to do it more. You will need to set the device on a table or stable area and sit in a chair with your child. The hose is 40 inches long, so it gives you plenty of room to work with your child. There are three different levels of suction, I used level two. It worked fast, so my child didn’t have time to fuss. I’m excited about this product, it will save my children’s red runny noses!”
Mother of 2-month-old and 15-month-old

“I used this product on my 23-month-old daughter who was struggling with mucus (stuffy and runny nose) due to a cold. The device was easy to put together and super simple to use on my daughter. My daughter wasn’t afraid of the noise/hum of the machine and she liked sitting on my lap while I simply put the tip up to her nostrils. I was amazed at the amount of mucus it sucked so quickly. I never would have been able to get that much out using a hand-held aspirator. It was so incredibly simple and effective; my daughter received immediate relief after each use. It helped her feel better and I loved that she really did smile afterward, hence the name of the product. The machine is easy to take apart and clean too. You can also control the suction level, which is nice. Using a hand-held aspirator is just not effective for us because my daughter always tries to squirm away, cries, and screams, making it difficult for everyone. At first I felt nervous to use it, but after using it for the first time and seeing the results, I was very pleased. My daughter doesn’t run away from the machine when she sees it and she is always happy afterwards. The BabySmile was easy to use, super fast, and before you know it, your little one is feeling relief. I really love it and wish we had it for my other kids when they were growing up.”
Mother of 23-month-old

“The BabySmile has been a great help this winter for my kids. My kids bring home colds all the time, so I deal with a lot of stuffy noses. The BabySmile has provided quick relief from mucus for all of my kids, unlike manual aspirators I’ve used.”
Mother of 14-month-old

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How to Use

How to Use BabySmile

How to Clean Babysmile

Tips for Aspiration

What is the size/ weight/ power?

9.25 x 3.54 x 6.29 inch
*Excluding protuberances

Approx. 1.76lbs (without accessories)

Max. Suction Power:

•Main Unit
•AC Adapter
•Suction Tube
•Suction Tube Stopper
•Silicone Tip Connector
•Silicone Tips (2pcs)
•User’s Manual / Warranty Certificate
•Comic manua