Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile Rainbow S-204 & S-206

Kids Electric Toothbrush
BabySmileRainbow S-204 & S-206

Colorful light flashing to make brushing teeth more fun! Develop the good habit of brushing teeth for babies at a young age.

  • – “Colorful Light” makes babies interested in brushing teeth, thus developing a good habit.
  • – “Self-selected color” allows babies to choose their favorite color to start brushing their teeth according to their mood.
  • – Diamond-cut surface makes the colorful light on the brush head more dazzling.
  • – White LED light to check if baby’s teeth are clean.
  • – Uses gentle sonic vibration to clean baby’s teeth.
  • – Automatic vibration every 30 seconds to remind brushing time (stops vibration after 2 minutes).
  • – Can be switched to a hard brush head (sold separately) for children over 2 years old.
  • – Suitable age: 0 and up


How to Use

  • – Single click to start colorful light flashing attracts the baby’s attention and interest.
  • – Second click to select a color and start vibration, and the rotating light stops on the color that the baby likes.
  • – Third click to turn on the white LED light for moms to check if the baby’s teeth are clean.
  • – Fourth click to stop flashing and vibration.

Quality Control

Each toothbrush undergoes strict inspection and disinfection at the BabySmile factory!

Assembly Instructions