BabySmile Nasal Aspirator Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Babysmile S-504?

The BabySmile Nasal Aspirator S-504 is an electric nasal aspirator for babies.
We have redesigned professional medical nasal aspirators into home use so that parents can support baby’s health with daily care.

Q: Why is nasal care necessary for babies?

By suctioning mucus thoroughly, it will not only help preventing sickness but also promoting early healing of sickness for babies. This will lead to the improvement of babies’ Quality of Life which will eventually be the great support for mothers in the child-raising years.

(Prevention) Middle Ear Infection
(Promote Early Healing) Cold, Flu, RS Virus
(QOL Improvement) Nasal aspiration can help easier breathing that promotes deeper sleep, reducing the risk of viruses and germs entering into the bodies and enabling babies to drink more milk (babies can not drink enough milk with congested noses).

Q: Can Babysmile S-504 be used for infants?

Yes. BabySmile S-504 has been designed to clear noses for babies from 0+ ages.
It can be used for anyone including adults.

Q: How is BabySmile S-504 different from other nasal aspirators?

BabySmile S-504 has a powerful and steady suction to remove mucus since it was redesigned from nasal aspirators used at hospitals. The graph below shows the suction power of Babysmile and other nasal aspirators if hospital nasal aspirators are taken as 100%.


It also helps parents from getting infections by inhaling bacteria and germs.

Q: Where is the product manufactured?

BabySmile S-504 is made in Taiwan. The product design and the quality control is done strictly in Japan.


Q: How do I use Babysmile S-504?

Please check the video below for instructions.

BabySmile Frequently Asked Questions | Baby Health Care

Q: Are there any tips for mucus aspiration?

There are three tips as shown below.


Q: How long should I put the aspirator in my baby's nose?

Please repeat the sunction for 3 to 5 seconds in each nostril.
Suction for a long period of time may cause pain in the ears. Keep an eye on your baby’s face and if there is any indication of pain, stop suctioning immediately.

Q: Is there any condition in which I should not aspirate the mucus?

Do not aspirate the mucus if there are wounds and inflammation on the mucosa inside the nostril. Also, do not use the unit after nosebleed.

Q: How often can I use it?

We recommend you to use it as often as your baby snuffles since leaving the baby’s nose with mucus may lead to…
-Middle ear infection caused by mucus runnning to the ear
-Sinusitis caused by inflammation
-Sputum and coughs caused by mucus runnning to the throat

Q: How can I clean BabySmile S-504?

You can easily remove all parts from the main body to wash.
Disinfection ethanol or chlorine disinfectant can be applied to all parts
Please make sure to dry the main unit and accessories thoroughly before storing
Please do not use a dishwasher for washing the parts and boilding disinfection.

How can I clean BabySmile S-504

Q: Can I use saline water, saline sprays, or nose drops?

Sure, you can. Such liquids will make it easier to clear your baby’s nose by loosening the mucus.


Q: Where can I buy BabySmile S-504?

You can buy BabySmile S-504 from our product page or at Amazon.

Q: Can I buy replacement parts for BabySmile S-504?

You can buy all replacement parts from here.

Q: Can I buy the products outside of the US?

At this time, Baby health care does not ship internationally..

Q: How long would it take to receive the product?

It will generally require 3-5 business days from the process and the shipment.


Q: Isn't the child afraid of BabySmile S-504?

Babies generally feel uncomfortable when something is inserted in their nose. However, clearing the nose will help your baby feel better and prevent from middle ear infections.
Children who were first afraid may even ask their parents to use it once they learn how better it feels after suction.
Even though many children who were afraid of being sucked mucus for the first time, some of them are willing to ask their moms to suck their mucus because it feels good!

Q: Wouldn't it harm the nose?

The tip is made of soft silicone; therefore, it wouldn’t hurt your baby’s nose.
However, do not use it if there are wounds in the nostrils, inflammation or nosebleed. If bleeding or pain occurs when using, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Q: Isn’t it bad for the ears?

If only one of the nostrils is stuffed, there is no bad effect on the ears.
However, if both nostrils are stuffed, long periods of suction will burden the ears. Rather, do short repetitions (3 to 5 sec.) for several times in each nostril. Suction out the mucus a little at a time and observe the infant’s condition while suctioning.
If the infant experiences pain or discomfort, stop immediately

Q: Do the product contain BPA?

We care for the product safety seriously so that children can use our product safely.

After Purchase/Support

Q: Why doesn't my BabySmile S-504 work?

For your baby’s safety, the suction power is weak at first.
Only after you seal the silicone tip with your baby’s nose, the suction power will get stronger.
You can feel the suction power getting stronger by sealing the silicone tip with your finger and holding it for 3 seconds.

After Purchase-img01

Suction power is weak at first.

After Purchase-img02

Suction power will get stronger after sealing the nose.Be sure to insert the silicone tip into the nostril at a 90-degree angle to the face.

Q: The suction power seems to be low.

You can make the suction power stronger by using the Suction Tube Stopper (BabySmile Clip). Please try the following.

After Purchase-img03

First, hold the BabySmile Clip for 5 seconds. By sealing the tube, negative pressure will be generated.

After Purchase-img04

Next, insert the silicone tip inside the nostril while holding the BabySmile Clip.

After Purchase-img05

Finally, release your finger and the mucus will be cleared.

Q: The suction power became lower. What should I do?

Please check if the canister o-ring and the suction tube connector o-rings are set properly. The suction power will decrease unless the bottle is tightly closed.

After Purchase-img06

Please close the canister cover properly. Align “|” of the canister cover with “|” of the canister and then, turn the canister cover to the position where “〇” of the canister cover and “|” of the canister are aligned.

※”|” and ”〇” are marked on the canister and the canister cover.

After Purchase-img07

Q: The machine does not work anymore. What should I do?

Please contact support@babyhealthcare.us from here.
We will respond to you within 24 hours.

BabySmile S-503 comic manual

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